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Moscow Helsinki train tickets at discount prices. Travel in style by train between Helsinki and Moscow
Helsinki Moscow train tickets can be purchased safely and securely as well as other Russian train tickets

Finland – Russia trains

Travel by train between Moscow and Helsinki or Helsinki and St. Petersburg with RussianRail. These are some of the most popular St Petersburg train tickets that we sell. All trains are comfortable and provide a nice scenic train trip between Finland and Russia.

Book train tickets online
St. Petersburg

Allegro train

Train Departure Arrival Trip Duration
782З 06.12 Helsinki 10.48 Sankt-Peterburg-Finlia 03:36
784З 10.00 Helsinki 14.36 Sankt-Peterburg-Finlia 03:36
786З 15.00 Helsinki 19.36 Sankt-Peterburg-Finlia 03:36
788З 19.00 Helsinki 23.36 Sankt-Peterburg-Finlia 03:36
781М 06.40 Sankt-Peterburg-Finlia 09.16 Helsinki 03:36
783М 11.25 Sankt-Peterburg-Finlia 14.01 Helsinki 03:36
785М 15.25 Sankt-Peterburg-Finlia 18.01 Helsinki 03:36
787М 20.25 Sankt-Peterburg-Finlia 23.01 Helsinki 03:36
Allegro train

The high-speed Allegro is equipped with safety features designed to work on both the Finnish and Russian railway networks. The train consists of 7 carriages and has a maximum operating speed of 220 kph.
Each individual seat on the Allegro is equipped with a folding table, adjustable back rest, individual lighting, a socket (220V) between seats, a place for coats, a footrest and storage pockets for newspapers and magazines.
1st and 2nd class seats are available on the train. 1st class seats are made from leather and arranged in two rows (1+2). The price of a first class ticket includes use of a self-service zone with tea and coffee, newspapers and magazines, radio headphones for listening. 2nd class seats are arranged in two rows with two seats on each side.
The Allegro dining car seats 38 passengers and has three bars for 12 people. The restaurant offers passengers drinks, snacks and hot meals.
There are two carriages with special features: Carriage #7 has a playground for children and Carriage #2 has spaces for handicapped people.
Smoking is not allowed on board.

Lev Tolstoy train

Train Departure Arrival Trip Duration
031А 18.23 Helsinki 08.24 Moskva Leningradsky 13:01
032А 23.00 Moskva Leningradsky 12.00 Helsinki 14:00
Lev Tolstoy train

The Lev Tolstoy train is an overnight Moscow to Helsinki train with a stop in Saint Petersburg run by the Russian railways. The train has VIP 1st, regular 1st and 2nd class cabins.
VIP 1st class compartments are equipped with a shower, private toilet with heated floors, LCD television, VCRs with DVD and VHS and air conditioning. There is a 1,5 meter regular size berth with an additional upper berth.
1st class consists of a cabin for 2 people.
2nd class is a cabin for 4 people.
The train is equipped with wheelchair spaces. The train also has a nice dining car with an authentic Russian menu.
On the route Moscow - Helsinki electronic registration is possible. We will issue the e-tickets and send them to you by e-mail.
This is one of the most popular Russian train routes.

St. Petersburg Helsinki train tickets at discount prices. Travel in style by train between Helsinki and St. Petersburg
Helsinki St. Petersburg train tickets can be purchased safely and securely as well as other Russian train tickets

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