Culture for Kids

A portion of your order will go to Culture for Kids, a charity project launched by our parent company ExpressToRussia aimed at bringing St. Petersburg’s fantastic culture to children who have limited access to it — orphans from the city’s orphanages.

Petersburg Parents

As a part of our efforts, we sponsor Petersburg Parents — a regional social organization that assists St. Petersburg’s orphans in many ways: providing material help, medical and nursing care; helping the orphans adapt socially and also assistance in finding new parents for the children.

Know that besides enjoying a smooth, wonderful train ride, you will be helping make Russian kids lives more colorful and meaningful and building bridges between your home and St. Petersburg.

Being a travel company, RussianRail in association with Express to Russia sponsors excursions for these children to many of the city’s cultural landmarks. During these tours, the kids expand their horizons and are exposed to many positive impressions and experiences. They visit the Hermitage Museum, the Russian Museum, the Ethnographical Museum and more; they can take a city tour dedicated to St. Petersburg’s history and its myths and legends; they visit the Admiralteisky Shipyard — the birthplace of the city. The little ones are taken to puppet-shows, the Fairy Tale Museum, the Cat Museum to name a few. Apart from the educational role that these excursions play in the lives of the children, these tours also help the kids communicate with people outside of the orphanages and promote skills that are vital for further social adaptation as they mature.

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Culture for Kids

A portion of your order goes to helping underprivileged Russian children.

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