Additional Sapsan Trains in May

Additional Sapsan Trains in May

Russian Railways assigned additional Sapsan trains for May holiday to cater for the increased demand. 

Currently, 11 pairs of trains operate on the route. The three most popular trains have 20 carriages (twice more than usual).

Additional trains on St. Petersburg – Moscow route are:

Train #759 departing at 09:10 and arriving at 13:00 (April 29-30th, May 4-7th)

Train #761 departing at 11:00 and arriving at 14:50 (April 29-30th, May 1-3rd, 6-9th)

Train #763 departing at 11:10 and arriving at 15:00 (April 29-30th, May 6th, 7th, 9th)

Train #773 departing at 17:00 and arriving at 20:50 (May 3rd and 9th)

Additional trains on Moscow – St. Petersburg route:

Train #762 departing at 11:30 and arriving at 15:20 (April 29-30th, May 1-2nd and 7-9th)

Train #764 departing at 11:40 and arriving at 15:30 (April 30th, May 7th)

Train #766 departing at 13:30 and arriving at 17:30 (April 29-30th and May 3rd and 6-7th)

Train #774 departing at 17:30 and arriving at 21:20 (April 29th, May 3rd-6th and 9th)

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