Lastochka train will connect Rostov, Anapa and Novorossiysk

Lastochka train will connect Rostov, Anapa and Novorossiysk

JCS RZD is launching new, high-speed Lastochka electric trains in southern Russia. From April the 1st, the trains will connect Rostov-on-Don with Anapa and Novorossiysk.
On the Rostov-on-Don - Razjezd 9 km leg, the Lastochka electric train will run as a double train (10 cars), then at the Razjezd 9 km station the trains will be disconnected. One train comprising of 5 cars will go to Novorossiysk, while the other train will go to Anapa. In the opposite direction from Novorossiysk and Anapa, the Lastochka electric trains will run separately untill the Razjezd 9 km station and then continue the rest of the way as a double train to Rostov-on-Don.
The train "Lastochka" Rostov - Novorossiysk / Anapa will run daily with stops in Bataisk, Starominskaya-Timashevskaya, Kanevskaya, Timashevskaya-1, Protoka, Krymskaya and Tunnelnaya.

Photo by Gilberto Olimpio on Unsplash

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