Russian Railways is working on redesign of the interiors of the passenger trains

The OJSC Russian Railways, which has presented the new updated 3rd class carriage, is now working on the development of the new interior design of the 2nd and 1st class carriages along with other segments of the one-decker and double-decker trains. The general director of the Federal Passenger Company (the subsidiary of the Russian Railways for long-distance passenger transport) Petr Ivanov has given further comments on this topic.

Earlier this month, Russian Railway has presented the full-scale mock-up of the new 3rd class carriage. Ivanov has announced that the first carriage with such an interior will be launched on the route at the beginning of 2019.

The major plan includes the complete upgrade of the rolling stock of the passenger trains. The renovation program of the passenger's carriages has been already forwarded to the government in March 2018 by the Oleg Belozerov, the head of the Russian Railways. Within the framework of this program, the discussion with the suppliers is being completed along with the acts towards the modernization of the carriages.

Petr Ivanov makes an emphasis that now they proceed with the work on the development of the mock-up for the new 2nd class carriages. Nonetheless, at what point it will be possible to present to the public, is yet to be announced.

The Russian Railways aim to make everything for the upgrade of the mass scale segment — the 3rd class carriages. "First of all", comments Ivanov, — "We need to bring something new to the mass segment, something that would make the trip more comfortable for the majority of people".

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