The Victory Train to depart from Rizhsky station 9th of May

The annual event — "The Victory Train" will be held on the 9th of May. The retro train carried by the steam locomotive of the 20th century will take passengers across the combat sights of the battle of Moscow.

The retro-train will take off from the Rizhsky station of Moscow to the station "Dubosekovo" in the Volkolamsky district of Moscow region. The battle for Moscow took place at the "Dubosekovo" area. Here have been set a memorial to the "28 Panfilovtsev". According to the Soviet version of the story, they have been defending the country till the last soldier and none of them have returned from the battlefield.

The train will carry the veterans of the Great Patriotic War, the homefront workers, the workers of the Russian railways and the students of the Children's Railway of Moscow along the predesigned route.

It will be possible to capture a photo of the train at 8:00 am at the Rizhsky Railway station. At 9:23 the train will start off. The passengers will be accompanied by the creative groups in the military uniforms.

The retro-train will stop at the "Dubosekovo" station. There the programme will be continued at the "28 Panfilovtsev" memorial, and at 17:18, the "Victory Train" will depart back to the Rizhsky Railway Station.

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