Latvia – Russia trains

Travel in comfort by train from Riga to Moscow

Latvijas Expresis

Latvijas Expresis is an overnight train between Moscow and Riga. The train also has so-called 'through coaches' that go to St. Petersburg. The train is run by Latvian Railways (LDZ), the trip to Moscow takes 16 hours most of which are at night.
5 types of carriages are available on the train: VIP 1s class, regular 1st class, 2nd class, 3rd class and seats.
The train also has a restaurant car. One can order meals to the cabin. learn more

Latvijas Expresis

  • 002Р
    Trip time: 15:47 hours
    Moscow Rizhsky
  • 001Р
    Trip time: 17:06 hours
    Moscow Rizhsky

Riga to Moscow Trains and Riga to St. Petersburg Trains

Currently there are two trains traveling the Riga to St. Petersburg route and one train on the Riga to Moscow route. All of these trains travel at night and offer different ticket classes - from sleeper cabins to seats. Electronic tickets are available on all of them, making it quick and easy to book your Riga to Moscow tickets online with us and receive them by email.

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