Berlin to Moscow Train Route

The Berlin to Moscow train is one of the most popular International routes offered by Russian Railways. It covers 1788 km, crosses 4 countries and takes about 23 hours. The train travels through Belarus and therefore, you will need a Belarus transit visa for the trip. Some adventurous travelers book Berlin - Moscow tickets back-to-back with the Trans-Siberian routes (all of which start in Moscow) and then go on to take a very long journey covering about 11000 km!

There are two trains running on the Berlin to Moscow route, which operate 3-4 times a week depending on the season.  The same trains run on the Moscow to Berlin route.

Berlin to Moscow Trains

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Frequently Asked Questions From Our Travelers

Can I travel from Germany to Russia by train?

Yes, there are 2-3 Berlin - Moscow trains per week. These trains run through Belarus so foreign citizens may need a Belarus transit visa as well as Russian and German visas for this trip.

How long is the train trip from Berlin to Moscow?

The travel time between Berlin and Moscow is 23 to 27 hours depending on the train.

Can I travel from Germany to Russia with my cat or dog by train?

Yes, you can travel with your pet in any class but only if you book all seats in the cabin, i.e. two for 1st class or 4 for 2nd class.

Is there a train from China to Germany?

There is no direct train, but you can do it with only one transfer in Moscow. The Beijing - Moscow train trip takes 5 days. The train goes through Mongolia so you may need a transit visa. The Moscow - Berlin trip takes 1 day, the train goes through Belarus, and a Belarus transit visa is required.


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