Helsinki to St. Petersburg Train Route

Helsinki to St. Petersburg trains make only 5 stops along the way - in Tikkurila, Lahti, Kouvola, Vainikkala, and Vyborg. The trip takes from 3.5 hours by Allegro trains to 6.5 hours by the slower Lev Tolstoy train.

Depending on the season, there are at least four Allegro trains running every day on the Helsinki to St. Petersburg route. These are comfortable, high-speed trains that help you reach your destination in only 3.5 hours. There is also the slower Lev Tolstoy train that travels all the way to Moscow and makes a stop in St. Petersburg. The same trains run on the St. Petersburg to Helsinki route.

407 km

5 trains
per day

5 stops
on way

Fastest train
3 h 30 min

Slowest train
6 h 30 min

Price from
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Helsinki to St. Petersburg Trains

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Frequently Asked Questions From Our Travelers

How long does it take to travel from Helsinki to St. Petersburg by train?

The train trip from Helsinki to St. Petersburg takes 3.5 hours.

Which train stations serve the Allegro train?

In St Petersburg, the Allegro arrives and departs from Finlyandsky Train Station, Ploshad Lenina, 6, Metro Ploshad Lenina. In Helsinki, the Allegro arrives and departs from Helsinki Central Station, Kaivokatu 1.

Do I need a Russian visa to travel from Helsinki to St Petersburg by train?

It depends on the agreements between Russia and your country. Please check visa requirements through the Russian Consulate in your country:

Can I travel from Finland to Russia by train with an e-visa?

No, the unified e-visa is not valid to enter Russia by train.

Where is passport control carried out when you travel from Russia to Finland by train?

Border and customs control are held on board the train. During the border check, you are required to show your passport and visa.

How many stops does the Allegro train make?

The Allegro makes 5 stops in Finland (Pasila, Tikkurila, Lahti, Kouvola, Vainikkala) and one stop in Russia (Vyborg).

How long in advance can I buy train tickets from St Petersburg to Helsinki?

Tickets for the Allegro are available 90 days prior to departure.

How many times a day does the Allegro run?

There are four to five daily Allegro trains from morning until late evening.


History of the Helsinki to St. Petersburg train route

Train travel has been the best method of transport between Helsinki and St Petersburg for centuries! The railway between the two northern capitals was first opened in 1870 on the initiative of Tsar Alexander II, who was renowned for his significant efforts to develop the Russian Empire’s railway network.

Thanks to the Helsinki – St Petersburg railway, trade between Imperial Russia and the then Grand Duchy of Finland blossomed, and Russians and Finns could easily visit each other’s capitals for the first time. Finland declared its independence from Russia in 1917, but trains between two countries continued during the Soviet times on the Helsinki – Leningrad line and later the Helsinki – Moscow line, which was founded in 1954. From the 1960s onwards, international rail travel between Russia and Finland was booming.

The Helsinki to St. Petersburg Line Today

Today, Russians, Finns and tourists enjoy the comfort and convenience of the Helsinki to St Petersburg train ride. Rather than the troublesome trek to and from the airport, or the frustrating traffic of a cross-border bus ride, you’ll depart from and arrive right in the city centre and enjoy a smooth ride in between.

There are two trains between St Petersburg and Helsinki: the Allegro and the Lev Tolstoy.  

  • Allegro: The Allegro is the high-speed Russia – Finland train. It was founded in 2010 to replace the two Helsinki – St Petersburg sleeper services, the Ilya Repin and Jan Sibelius. With multiple departures each day which can suit any schedule, a journey time of just 3 ½ hours, en-route border crossing, and modern amenities like power sockets at each seat, the Helsinki-St Petersburg journey on Allegro couldn’t be easier. The Allegro departs from St Petersburg Finlyandsky Station.
  • Lev Tolstoy: Alternatively, you can take the overnight Lev Tolstoy train. This famous branded service has been running between Moscow and Helsinki since 1970, and stops off in St Petersburg along the way. The final leg of the journey is longer, 6 ½ hours to the Allegro’s 3 ½ hours, but passengers can enjoy all the special atmosphere of the night train – complete with 19th-century style décor and luxury cabins. The Lev Tolstoy stops at St Petersburg Ladozhsky Station.

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