Moscow to Paris Train Route

Moscow to Paris is one of the most popular International train routes offered by Russian Railways. It travels through several European capitals and takes about 1.5 days. The train travels through Belarus and therefore, you will need a Belarus transit visa for the trip. Some adventurous travelers book Moscow to Paris tickets back-to-back with the Trans-Siberian routes (all of which finish in Moscow) to extend their journey by 3000 km and cover the total of almost 12000 km!

There is only one train running on the Moscow to Paris route, which operates 1-2 times a week depending on the season.  The same train runs on the Paris to Moscow route.

Moscow to Paris Trains

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Frequently Asked Questions From Our Travelers

How long is the train ride from Moscow to Paris?

The travel time between Moscow and Paris is 41 hours by train. The train runs through Russia, Belarus, Poland, Germany and France. The distance between Moscow and Paris is 3483 km.

Can I travel from Beijing to London by train?

Yes, you can take the Beijing to Moscow train, then travel from Moscow to Paris and finally take the Eurostar train from Paris to London. Depending on your citizenship, you will need Chinese, Mongolian, Russian, Belarus, Schengen and British visas for this journey.

Can I exit Russia by train with an electronic visa?

No, currently you can not enter and exit Russia on an e-visa through railroad border checkpoints. 

How can I buy a train ticket from Moscow to Paris?

You can buy an electronic ticket online or a paper ticket in person at a train station. Tickets are available for booking 60 days before the trip. These tickets are sold out very quickly so we recommend that you book the trip in advance. Please also note that the earlier you book the ticket (60 days before the trip), the lower price.


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