Yekaterinburg to Moscow Train Route

There are two railway routes connecting Yekaterinburg to Moscow. The shorter one is 1668 km and it goes via Kazan. The longer one is 1778 km and it goes via Perm, Kirov, and Nizhny Novgorod. Most Trans-Siberian trains follow the second route.

Depending on the season and the day of the week, there are 4 to 9 trains operating on the Yekaterinburg to Moscow route daily. Most trains originate from Siberia and Russia's Far East. The trip takes from 25 to 32 hours depending on the train. The same trains run on the Moscow to Yekaterinburg route.

Yekaterinburg to Moscow Trains

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Frequently Asked Questions From Our Travelers

Is there Wifi on board the Yekaterinburg to Moscow train?

No, there’s no WiFi on board Moscow to Yekaterinburg trains. Also, for most of the train trip, a mobile connection will not be available.

How long does it take to travel from Yekaterinburg to Moscow by train?

The trip from Yekaterinburg to Moscow by train takes 26 - 33 hours. The travel time depends on which specific train you choose. 

What are the departure and arrival train stations for Yekaterinburg to Moscow train?

There’s only one train station in Yekaterinburg, the address is Vokzal'naya Ulitsa, 22. There are 2 train stations in Moscow which serve the Yekaterinburg to Moscow trains: The Yaroslavsky train station, address Komsomolskaya Ploshad, 5, metro Komsomolskaya and the Kazansky train station, address Komsomolskaya Ploshad, 2, metro Komsomolskaya. 

How much luggage can I bring on board of a Yekaterinburg - Moscow train?

Each 2nd and 3rd class passenger is allowed to bring up to 36 kg of hand luggage. 1st class passengers  can carry up to 50kg. The sum of the hand luggage's three dimensions should not exceed 180 cm. Children under 4 travelling on a free ticket (without a separate seat) are not granted a separate piece of luggage.

Are Moscow and Yekaterinburg in the same time zone?

No, Moscow and Yekaterinburg are in different time zones. Moscow time is GMT+3, Yekaterinburg time zone is GMT+5. Your train ticket shows the local departure and arrival times.


History of the Yekaterinburg to Moscow Train Route

What the Camino de Santiago is for Catholic pilgrims and what the pilgrimage to Mecca is for those in Islam, is what the Trans-Siberian railway is to those spiritually connected to Russia - an important cultural rite of passage. If the thought of spending 7 consecutive days in train, intimidates you, then break the journey into bite-size pieces to make it both more palatable and enjoyable. The distance between Siberia and Moscow is shorter than the average traveler might think. If a passenger can manage a single day of riding the mystical rails, then the Yekaterinburg to Moscow route is a splendid choice.

Begin the journey in Yekaterinburg

Spend time in the city, founded in 1723 by Peter the Great to be the great portal into Siberia’s vast mineral resources. Russia’s 4th largest city is still very prosperous due to the mining of those resources. Darker moments in Russian history also took place in Siberia's second largest town. Russia’s last royal family was held in exile here during the Russian revolution. In fact, local historians can pinpoint the Romanov family’s final steps before their ghastly execution. On a lighter note, travelers can honor Russia’s first president at the Boris Yeltsin Center. Other popular venues of interest include the world’s largest QWERTY keyboard monument and a monument honoring the rock band the Beatles. Having enjoyed their stay here, voyagers heading east to Russia’s capital have a choice between two popular train routes.

The Shorter Way

The shorter of the two goes through Kazan, Tatarstan’s capital. The unique blending of Turkic and Slavic traditions make this city fascinating to visit. While shopping outdoors at an ancient bazaar, look up at the towers of Ivan the Terrible’s Kremlin. Enjoy the sights and sounds emanating from the many places of worship. The faithful can tour several Jewish temples, Christian churches as well as many impressive Muslim mosques.       

The Slightly Longer Way

Although it’s slightly longer than the Kazan route, there are more cultural gems along the way to experience. Nizhny Novgorod is the first gem of a city to inspect. The town is noted for its 14th century monastery and grand kremlin. Its cable car suspended over the Volga river provides a fun way for the locals to get around. Don’t miss Kirov, the small town made world-famous for its painted clay dolls called Dymkovo toys. Craftspeople still make traditional shoes made of Birch and celebrate an annual “Cucumber festival”. The city of Perm is Russia’s last stop before Asia. It’s home to Stalin’s last remaining gulag, Perm 36. There are tours available for individuals who dare to see its gruesome insides. The PERMM museum has daring art exhibits to amaze patrons of the contemporary arts. Don’t miss the mansions that are taken as scenes for Boris Pasternak’s book, Dr. Zhivago.

Whether the trip is for business or pleasure, don’t forget to stop to smell the proverbial roses along the journey. A person choosing to take the Yekaterinburg to Moscow train wants more than a view from 35,000 feet, they want to really experience Russia and be transformed by it.

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