Excellent experience

Excellent experience, the staff speaks English and if not, find one who does. Trains departures and arrive at scheduled time. Very clean, ordered, and great personnel predisposition. The menu is very complete and the service really efficient. Thanks to its installations and kind personnel, travelers feels very welcome every time. Compared to high speed trains of Italy and France, this service is superior and non expensive. Highly recommended.

The booking through your website was very smoothy. Easy, quick and uncomplicated as well as the trip in general. The condition of the trains were very good. I would highly recommend to go by train instead of going by plane to Moscow. Thank you very much.

I was very satisfied with my trip and everything worked perfectly. I was very pleased with the service I got from your company.

This is the third time I book my tickets in advance, from Belgium and the 3 experiences were perfect. Rapid answers, no problems. As we booked very much in advance, we paid too much and were always immediately reimbursed. Russian Rail could have kept the money. They are extremely honnest. Next time, without any doubt, I will use their services again and book with them!

Solo female traveller on night train

I booked my ticket in advance fro Canada and was pleased to have it with me on my night train trip from St Petersberg to Moscow and back. The ticket you print out at home is ready to go and they also give you a translated itinerary in English which is very helpful. The night train experience was terrific. Clean and safe. I was in an all female cabin that was very comfortable. Yes it costs more to get the ticket in advance but I thought it was worth it.

It was a great experience to travel on your train, the train was reasonably fast, on time, good security measures, well organised timing in consideration for food serving, drop off,the car was quiet and food was really great. I have travelled on Euro Star, TGV, Thaly, China high speed,and lots of time on Shinkansen or German Ice and i have to say your rail is equally as great as the others, and food on your train is matching those in France. It was great Experience. Yes, since we have been back,we have been telling lots of people around about Russia, People are nice, hard working, City is safe, Food and soup is wonderful, price for museums are good and no price discrimination against foreigners,lots of things to see inside museum, lots of arts, its just no different to any Europeans city, sometimes I find the content is comparable to Paris. I have to say theres a lot of misunderstanding of Russia from foreign people outside due to international media. This time its actually the first trip of us to Russia, although me and my wife already travelled all around the world flying few hundred times.. on my flight to russia, there have been only few Asians faces when I was travelling on a Singapore plane that can carry up to 300 passengers, and on the way back, the entire singapore plane was only carrying purely of russian nationals, only me and my wife and the stewardess are Asians, so I guess a lot of effort need to be done in order to get people know more about Russia and coming. We have heard a lot of people talk about countries that needs to be becareful in first place and it turns out really is dangerous, such as India, and after being there, they really are what people say. but this time we have a total different view in terms of Russia, so I guess we will come back again somedays to get a deeper understanding of Russia, and if there are friends or people that talks about travel, I will recommend to have a try for Russia. Thank you for your email and your company service, Its wonderful experience to travel on your trains.

Great service

Russ rail helped me plan and book a rail journey from Beijing to Moscow. They answered any questions without delay and were extremely patient with my very frequent additional questions and a number of changes I had to make before finally booking. It was a great trip - also thanks to the team at Russian Rail!

Strizh is very comfortable and service is absolutely fine!

I have travelled from Moscow to Nizhny Novgorod last week with Russian Rail and it was great! Very friendly and welcoming service and comfortable seats and beds to reach Nizhny in relaxed atmosphere. Food was good, newspaper service reminded me about German ICE, a compliment! Although rail tracks are not always the best In Russia, Strizh is so comfortable that it does not matter!

I thank your company's service too for helping me realise my russian trip dream. I had a great time there and I'll go back there again some day if the time and situation allows me to.

St. Petersburg to Moscow overnight train

The process of searching and booking the ticket was very smooth. In addition, since the route I was taking as many different options, the descriptions of the various trains was very helpful in picking the one that worked best for me.

St. Petersburg to Helsinki

I used Russian Rail from St. Petersburg to Helsinki... loved it. Much better then flying. My first time using rail from Russia and I would certainly recommend!

I was totally happy with the booking system: really easy to understand, quick and efficient. I booked a lot in advance and I was told that prices might change by the time of the official booking,... And I was really positively surprised to be reimbursed a part of the price initially paid..It is really honest. Travelling in Russian is always a good experience. Even the ´old' trains are very comfortable, and the bed is very well equipped with soft matras, blankets etc... The two girls working in our wagon were very nice and helpful. Everything was spic and span as they cleaned and hoovered several times. The toilets se very clean and not crowded. The restaurant was clean and offered a large selection of food, cold and hot. At rasonable prices. I spent 26h, resting and watching the landscape..but easily could have stay 24h more. I' do it again, and will book with RussianRails for sure. It is much easier than what I used before.

Thanks to the efficiency and kindness of your team, we could get over the incredible bureaucracy of the VHS visa office in Paris. As individuals, I think that without your help, we couldn't obtain our visas ! So we appreciated very much our trip to Russia, from St-Petersburg to Moscow and Novosibirsk.

First Visit to Russia

Using Russian Rail's website I purchased tickets from Warsaw to Moscow on the overnight train and then tickets on the Sapsan from Moscow to St Petersburg. Instructions were clear and concise making the purchase of tickets hassle free. I would most certainly use their services again and would have no hesitation in recommending their services to others.

Train from Berlin to Moscow

Great service and answer most, I think this is under rating it. I may say answer all of our difficulties when travel from Berlin to Moscow.

Wonderful Experience

Recently visited Russia. Used the services of Russian Rail for travelling from Moscow and Saint petersburg and back. The staff and their service were fantastic and the journey was very comfortable. I would certainly recommened russianrail for booking railway tickets if travelling within Russia.

A great experience

While the bureaucracy at the boarders was a little intimidating, this is obviously unavoidable. Other than this, we had a great trip from Riga to Saint Petersburg, then Saint Petersburg to Tallinn. The cabins were comfortable and clean, the toilets were fine, the samovar was useful and overall we had a lovely time. It would be handy if one could open one's own window as it took us until our second journey to realise we could just ask the attendant to open it.

Tickets booking so easy and apt. It gives you the exact information about the seats price and train schedule. If you are in Russia and want to book a rail ticket this is the company you shall trust.thank you.

Elena, We had a great time in Russia. I could not have been happier with RR. Super easy. Thanks again,

Thank you - your response was fast, concise and to the point. I made a booking for the rail trip online which went very smoothly. I appreciated being able to communicate in English, especially that I now realize, having just come back from Russia, that very few people speak English there, and it is a big help to be be able to communicate.

Once you have your tickets, look forward to a wonderful, smooth
and enjoyable journey through the Russian countryside.

Buy your ticket safely and securely and then sit back
and enjoy the ride!

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