The train #001/002 Belarus has been operating between Moscow and Minsk for over than 50 years. The train is run by Belarus Railways and it runs every day. It covers 750 km in 9 hours.
1st and 2nd lass carriages are available. 1st class compartment has two lower berths, a table and a TV. 2nd class compartment has two lower and two upper berths.
One meal is included into the ticket price. There is also a restaurant on this train and you can order meals to your compartment. When the train departs from the station a theme song "Proschanie slavyanki" is played.

every day

Takes 9 hours

Covers 750 km

Travels at night


  • 001Б
    Trip time
    Moscow Belorussky
    Minsk Pas
  • 002Б
    Trip time
    Minsk Pas
    Moscow Belorussky

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