every day

Travel time
8h 50m

650 km

at night

The Moscow to St. Petersburg Grand Express train (N053/054) is a daily overnight train run by “Grand Service Express,” a private company.  The train was introduced in July 2005 and is the most luxurious train operating between Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

The train has 6 types of carriages offering different levels of comfort. Grand Imperial, Grand de Luxe and Grand Cabins have a lower berth with a width of 110 cm and an upper berth with a width of 80 cm. Each cabin has a private toilet with shower and washbasin, a wardrobe and an individual air conditioning system. Ticket price includes a hot dinner and breakfast, bedlinen, a small hygiene kit and a transfer upon arrival.

The Premium first-class cabin has two sleeping berths 100 cm and 80 cm wide, one above the other. Each cabin has a sink and a fold-out chair with a table. Business first-class, Comfort first-class and Basic first-class cabins have two lower berths 70 cm wide with a table. A hot breakfast, personal hygiene kit and bedlinen are included in the price of the ticket.  The second-class cabins have two lower and two upper sleeping berths, each berth is 70 cm wide. Bedlinen and a hot breakfast are included in the ticket price. All types of carriages are equipped with TV and DVD players, 220V sockets and free Wi-Fi.

The train has a restaurant car with a wide range of main courses, salads, desserts and soft and alcoholic drinks. Passengers can enjoy a meal either in the restaurant car or order it to their cabin.


Moscow Leningradsky
8h 56m
St. Peterburg Moscovsky
St. Peterburg Moscovsky
8h 25m
Moscow Leningradsky


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