This is a Fast train from Saint Petersburg to Kiev with increased level of service called a "Firmenny" train.
Both 1st and 2nd class cabins are available. 1st class consists of a cabin with a sleeping berth for 2 people. 2nd class consists of a cabin with a sleeping berth for 4 people.
Bed linen, light breakfast, tee, coffee are included.
The train also has a nice dining car that serves good meals.
NOTE: This train goes through Belarus on its way, so you will need a Transit Visa to cross the Belarus territory. Russian train tickets on this train can be bought only in person on the train station.


  • 053А
    Trip time
    St. Peterburg Vitebsky
    Kiev Pas
  • 054К
    Trip time
    Kiev Pas
    St. Peterburg Vitebsky

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