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Lastochka trains are high-speed electric trains produced by Siemens Transportation Systems. The Lastochka was specially created for Russia and can operate with outside temperatures of -40 C. Lastochka trains are equipped with a modern safety system and offer a high level of comfort both for passengers and staff. The train's maximum speed is 160 km/h. The Lastochka runs daily on the MoscowSt Petersburg route. It makes 11 one-minute stops on the way and covers the distance between Russia’s two main cities in 7 hours.

The train can accommodate 443 passengers and consists of 5 carriages with 2nd class seats including 4 seats for disabled passengers and 30 fold-out seats. Trains operating at busy times and servicing popular destinations may have up to 10 carriages.


St. Peterburg Moscovsky
6h 42m
Moscow Leningradsky
Moscow Leningradsky
6h 59m
St. Peterburg Moscovsky

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