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The Baltic Express train 034 travels from Tallinn to St. Petersburg to Moscow and has served this route since 2015. It is operated by Russian Railways. The train covers 964 km in 14-16 hours, it travels between Moscow and St. Petersburg overnight and then runs through Estonia during the daytime. First-class, second-class, third-class sleeping cars and a carriage with economy class seats are included on the train. The train does not have a restaurant car.

NOTE: Border crossing formalities are carried out in the train during the trip. Passengers traveling with e-visas to St. Petersburg cannot enter or exit Russia using this train!


Tallinn Pas
15h 30m
Moscow Leningradsky
Moscow Leningradsky
16h 30m
Tallinn Pas

Tallinn to St. Petersburg train

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History of the Baltic Express Train

The railway between Russia and Estonia was established more than 150 years ago by a group of Estonian nobles. It was named the Baltic Railway and was actually the first railway constructed in Estonia. It travelled from the Estonian city of Baltic Port through Tallinn (known in those days as ‘Reval’), and then on to Russia, where it joined the Nikolaev Railway connecting St Petersburg and Moscow.

However, the Baltic Railway’s closest connection to St Petersburg was via a small station named Tosno, situated over 50 km from the capital. A more direct route to St Petersburg was built via the suburban palace town of Gatchina, and ran to St Petersburg’s newly-renamed Baltiysky Station. The very first direct train between St Petersburg and Tallinn arrived in the Imperial capital on the 31st December 1872!

The Tallinn to Moscow railway was not established until much later. The first branded trains between Soviet Moscow and Tallinn were named ‘Estonia’ and ‘Tallinn’, and were launched in 1965 and 1967. During the 1980 Moscow Olympic Games, the Olympic flame was delivered to Tallinn via one of these trains. Following the collapse of the USSR the Tallinn to St Petersburg train, named the Tallinn Express, was introduced in 1991, and ran on and off until it was replaced by the Baltiysky Express in July 2015.

The Baltiysky Express train makes its journey from Tallinn to Moscow in an average of 16 hours, running via St Petersburg Ladozhsky Station on the way to Tallinn and via St Petersburg Moskovsky Station en route to Moscow. Railway is the favoured method of transport for those travelling between the Russian and Estonian capitals, because it eliminates the hassle of the airport, long border queues and inconvenient flight times – you can sit back, relax and watch the world pass by!

The journey on board the Baltiysky Express is certainly a comfortable one, especially if you choose to travel in a second or first class cabin. These are equipped with full-length couchettes allowing passengers to fully lie down and rest, fresh bed linen, ample luggage storage space, air conditioning, Wi-Fi and a restaurant car. En route between Tallinn, St Petersburg and Moscow you can catch a glimpse of landmarks along the way – such as the Ivangorod Fortress and Narva Castle which face each other over the Russian-Estonian border.

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