every other day

Travel time
2 days 19 hours

3642 km

47 stops
on the way

The branded train No. 011/012 Yamal operates on the MoscowNovy Urengoy route since September 2003. It connects the Russian north with a number of large cities including Tyumen, Yekaterinburg and Perm. The name “Yamal” is translated from the Nenets language as “the end of the Earth”. In 2004, the train received an award for the best branded train of the year. The train runs every other day and covers the distance between Moscow and Novy Urengoy in 67 hours.

The train has first, second and third-class carriagesFirst class compartments have two lower berths each 70 cm wide. Every cabin has a TV and 220V socket. Doors are equipped with an access control system. Bedlinen, a personal hygiene kit, and magazines are included in ticket price.

Second class compartments have 4 berths – two upper and two lower ones. Second class tickets are available with and without meals. Each cabin has a TV and 220V socket. Doors are equipped with an access control system. Bedlinen is included to the price of all 2nd class tickets.  Third class is an open carriage without any closed compartments. It has 54 sleeping berths arranged in two levels.


Novy Urengoy
2d 22h 4m
Moscow Yaroslavsky
Moscow Yaroslavsky
2d 20h 51m
Novy Urengoy

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