Different Seating Classes on the Sapsan Train

Different Seating Classes on the Sapsan Train

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Which seating classes are offered on the Sapsan Train?

Economy class comes with a fair price and decent, comfortable seats. However, there is no extra service included in the ticket.
Business class tickets are a bit more fancy. Seats are made of leather, travelers have more leg room and a hot meal is included in the price. There is free internet access and sockets to charge your devices.
First class is the most luxurious option. In addition to the amenities of business class, an entertainment system takes care of your boredom, and seats are adjustable to a full reclining position.

Traveling is not only about choosing the right mode of transport. It is also about choosing how conveniently and comfortably you want to travel. Do you only want to get from location A to B in the cheapest way possible? Or do you not want to miss a certain level of luxury? Do you need to purchase a meal onboard or can you survive on snacks? These are questions you have to ask yourself at some point before booking your tickets. We created this guide to help you select the right ticket class if you’ve already decided to travel the distance between Moscow and St. Petersburg by Sapsan.

Standard (basic) Class

Different Seating Classes on the Sapsan Train - Standard class

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Sapsan’s standard, or basic class is the cheapest available ticket option. Passenger seats come with an adjustable backrest, individual lighting, a foldable table (or one big table that is attached to the window if you have a seat facing two other seats), a folding footrest and a built-in radio. The car is also equipped with a wardrobe where you can hang your coat, as well as overhead compartments for your luggage. The surface material of the seats is textile. If these amenities suit your travel style, this class is totally fine. It is completely comparable to the second class option on most trains in the West.

Economy Class

Different Seating Classes on the Sapsan Train - Economy class

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Economy tickets basically come with the same comfort and service level as standard tickets. However, the seats are a little bit different: they have built-in audio-visual units as well as an extra media center.

Economy+ Class 

Different Seating Classes on the Sapsan Train - Economy Plus class

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The Economy+ class is essentially the same as economy, meaning that the seats, service and equipment are identical. The only difference between the two ticket types is that a cold meal is included in the ticket price. The meal consists of a sandwich (vegetarian option available!) and coffee or tea. Lo and behold, the car also has a shoe cleaning machine.

Dining Class (Bistro-car)

Different Seating Classes on the Sapsan Train - Dining

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You can also reserve seats in the bistro car (restaurant car). Experience the joy of a traveling restaurant! The ticket price for the dining class includes a ₽2000 ($31) deposit that can be used on food. The deposit is non-refundable, so make sure to board the train hungry! Except for the added restaurant within the car, the equipment and seats are similar to those in the Economy+ class.

Business Class

Different Seating Classes on the Sapsan Train - Business

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Approaching the fancier options here. Each train has one business car, so seats are limited — book early enough to ensure a reservation. On top of all the things that the economy class cars offer, you’ll also find sockets between the seats so that you can charge your phone or laptop. You’ll also have noticeably more leg room - a real treat for everyone with slightly longer legs. The seats are also wider and the surface material is not textile, but leather. Tickets come with a hot meal included, depending on the time of day, it’s either breakfast or lunch.

Another plus for people traveling for work or those who just like to spend their time on the internet: business class travelers get free access to the train’s WiFi network. And there’s even a little extra for families: if you booked a ticket for a child, you’ll be provided with a small play set to keep your kid occupied during the trip.

First Class

Different Seating Classes on the Sapsan Train - First Class -

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Last but not least, the Sapsan train also has a first class option. The most striking feature would be the apparent lack of seats. Instead of the usual two by two, you have two seats on one side and only a single seat on the other side. Don’t like neighbors? Don’t like people running around making noise? Here’s your solution! Since there is only one first class car on each Sapsan train, and the number of seats is strictly limited, you should buy your ticket early enough in advance if you’re interested in traveling in this class.

The comfortable leather seats are adjustable to a full reclining position. The back goes down and a foot rest comes up, just like grandpa’s favorite TV chair. You can spend your entire journey sleeping soundly while racing through the Russian countryside. (Trust me, you won’t miss out much on nature). Apart from that, there is a monitor stored away in the seat’s armrest. You can while away time by watching films or listening to music. And if that’s not enough for you, you can still connect your phone or laptop to the onboard WiFi. Newspapers are provided on request. Tickets for the first class also come with a hot meal.

Conference Room

Different Seating Classes on the Sapsan Train - Conference Room

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Really need your alone time? There is a conference room with four seats. In order to book the room, you’ll have to book all four seats. Now that’s some relaxing travel time! Or, you might want to use the conference room for a business meeting to save time while traveling.


The Sapsan comes with several classes to choose from. Traveling in the economy class gets the job done, but will not impress with additional service and comfort. The business class is the perfect balance between service and price, but if you want to make the journey in pure luxury, you’ll want to travel first class. Of course, everything comes with a price. While economy tickets for the Moscow - St. Petersburg route start at ₽3000 ($47) per seat, business class already costs twice as much, and a first class experience comes with a first class price of around ₽12.500 ($195). Last but not least, there is the dining car. For between ₽5000 ($78) to ₽6000 ($93), you can spend your travel time filling your stomach while racing along the rails. And of course, if you have too much money or just highly value your privacy, you can still book all the seats in the conference room.

Once you have your tickets, look forward to a wonderful, smooth
and enjoyable journey through the Russian countryside.

Buy your ticket safely and securely and then sit back
and enjoy the ride!

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