Belarus introduces visa-free travel for citizens of 80 countries, but those traveling by train will still need visa

On 9th of January, the president of Belarus,  Alexander Lukashenko has signed a Decree №8 “The establishment of a visa free entry and exit from the country for foreign residents”. According to the decree, the visa-free entry to the Belarus is being established for the visits that do not exceed 5 days, with the entry through the National Minsk airport for citizens of 80 countries.

The decree covers 39 European countries, including the whole Europe Union, as well as Brasilia, Indonesia, USA, Japan and other countries.

Primarily, all the selected countries are migration favored countries, strategical partners  and countries that has established visa-free entry for the Belorussian citizens on a unilateral basis. The new regulations cover such categories as non-citizen of Latvia and stateless people of Estonia

In order to cross the border on a visa-free basis, it is necessary to have on hand a valid passport, or other substituting document, financial resources (for every day of the stay, equal to not less than two basic values in foreign or local currency), the valid health insurance in Belarus with the expense coverage not less than 10 thousand euros.

The compulsory supplement requirement were applied for the citizens of Vietnam, Haiti, Gambia, Honduras, India, China, Lebanon, Namibia, Samoa. According to it, the citizens of above mentioned countries have to present the following documents:  a document with a valid multi-entry Shengen Visa with the border crossing mark and the return tickets from the National Minsk Airport within the 5 days after the entry to the Belarus.

Important! The visa-free access does not apply to people who are traveling to Belarus with the flights from Russia, as well as people who are planning to take a flight to Russian airports (these flights are considered domestic and are not a subject to border control). Please note that if you travel by train you will also need a Visa.

The decree will come into force within a month after the official publication.

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