Trans-Siberian 3 in 1

Trans-Siberian 3 in 1 from 2223 $

This is our shortest version of our Trans Siberian railroad tours but it covers some of the most interesting cities. The trip begins in Moscow, the capital of Russia, then continues on to Yekaterinburg, located in the Ural Mountains and at the edge of Siberia. The tour ends on the shores of Lake Baikal. Read More
Trans-Sib through Russia - Mongolia - China

Trans-Sib through Russia - Mongolia - China from 3596 $

This tour includes three countries. From Moscow you will proceed to Siberian cities of Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk and Irkutsk with Lake Baikal. Then you will reach Mongolia with its endless steppes and the Goby, and finally China with the Great Wall and more. Read More
Trans-Sib - four cities

Trans-Sib - four cities from 2978 $

On this great Eurasian journey from West to East you will cover the entire route of the Trans-Siberian Railway, visiting four major cities along the way: Russia's capital Moscow, Yekaterinburg in the Ural Mountains, Irkutsk with incredible Lake Baikal, and finally Vladivostok on the Pacific Ocean, at the very edge of Russia. Read More
The Great Journey - East to West

The Great Journey - East to West from 3413 $

This trip lasts for 2 weeks and passes through 6 fascinating cities. Starting in Vladivostok with its harbor of the Golden Horn and passing through the Buddhist city of Ulan-Ude, then to Irkutsk - home to Lake Baikal and onto Novosibirsk and Yekaterinburg - very dynamic Siberian cities, and finally ending in golden-domed Moscow. Read More
Journey of a Lifetime

Journey of a Lifetime from 3630 $

The tour is a great opportunity to visit three countries on one trip. You will be delighted with the capital of Russia, see the border of Europe and Asia in Yekaterinburg, admire beautiful nature in Krasnoyarsk, see the world's largest lake Baikal, steppes od Mongolia and China's cultural heritage. Read More
Highlights on the Trans-Sib

Highlights on the Trans-Sib from 3122 $

This tour is a nice choice to see the highlights of Russia, Mongolia and China. From Gold-Domed Moscow you will continue on to Irkutsk and see Lake Baikal. Mongolia will greet you with its endless steppes and the Goby desert. Finally, you will reach China and visit the magnificent Great Wall, Ming Tombs and Forbidden city. Read More
Great Russia by Train

Great Russia by Train from 2568 $

This tour will take you along the full route of the Trans-Siberian railway to 3 of Russia's most interesting cities - Moscow with its Kremlin and Cathedrals, Irkutsk located in the heart of Siberia and home to the great Lake Baikal and Vladivostok - the King of the East with its harbor of the Golden Horm and Amursky Bay. Read More
5 stars - East to West

5 stars - East to West from 3533 $

This tour covers the highlights of the Trans-Siberian railway - the 5 main cities along the route. You will admire cultural masterpieces in Beijing, learn about nomadic life in Mongolia, see amazing Lake Baikal in Irkutsk, learn about the fate of Last Tsar in Yekaterinburg, and see Russia's capital Moscow. Read More