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New high-speed train planned for Russia!

Russian Rail has plans to build a new super train that will travel at a speed of 1,000 km/hr and be able to take passengers from Moscow to Vladivostok in just 7 hours!

Russian Rail is hoping to have the train in operation in by the year 2030. However, many experts have noted that a train capable of traveling at that speed might take many more years to develop.

A train from the Shanghai Station is currently the fastest in the world, traveling at a speed of 450 km/hr. Therefore Russian Rail is looking to build a train that will travel more than doulbe the world's current fastest trians. Currently the fastest train in Russia is the Sapsan train, which makes the trip from St. Petersburg to Moscow in 3 hours traveling at a maximum speed of 200-250 km/hr.

For comparison, 1,000 km/hr is nearly the speed of sound, and roughly half the speed of a bullet fired from and AK-47 assault rifle.

Russia is currently formulating plans to overhaul its infrastructure system, this being just one of the major plans to update transportation throughout the country.

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