Irkutsk to Moscow Train Route

There are two train routes connecting Irkutsk to Moscow. The shorter one is 5043 km long and it goes through Kazan. The longer one is 5194 km and it passes through Perm, Kirov, and Nizhny Novgorod. Most Trans-Siberian trains follow the second route.

Depending on the season and the day of the week, there are from 2 to 4 trains operating between Irkutsk and Moscow daily. Most trains originate from Russia's Far East. The trip takes about 3.5 days. The same trains run on the Moscow to Irkutsk route.

5043-5194 km

Up to 4 trains
per day

36-69 stops
on the way

Fastest train
3 days 3 hours

Slowest train
3 days 16 hours

Price from
91 USD

Frequently Asked Questions From Our Travelers

Can I bring my own food on board the Trans Siberian train?

Yes, you may bring as much food and soft drinks as you’d like on board. Please note that it’s illegal to drink alcohol in your cabin. You can do it only in the restaurant car.

Is there Wifi on board the Trans Siberian train?

No, there’s no WiFi on board Trans Siberian trains. Also, for most of the train trip, a mobile connection will not be available.

How long does it take to travel from Irkutsk to Moscow by train?

The trip from Irkutsk to Moscow by train takes approximately 4 days. The travel time depends on which train you choose.

What are the departure and arrival train stations for the Irkutsk to Moscow train?

The Trans Siberian trains from Irkutsk to Moscow depart from the Irkutsk Passenger station, address Ulitsa Chelnokova, 1, Irkutsk. It arrives at the Yaroslavsky train station, address Komsomolskaya Ploshad, 5, metro Komsomolskaya.

Can I travel from Irkutsk to Moscow with a bicycle?

Bicycles may be transported if they are packed into a luggage-sized casing (60x100x40 cm). Bikes may have to be disassembled to fit within these dimensions.

How do I charge my phone/laptop when I travel from Irkutsk to Moscow?

Some (but not all) Trans-Siberian trains have 220V AC sockets next to each passenger’s seat within each cabin. It depends on the train type (firmenny or regular) and the ticket type that you choose. If you travel by train without AC sockets, you may kindly ask the train conductor to charge your phone in their cabin.

Can I take shower on board the Trans Siberian train?

Some (though not all) Irkutsk to Moscow trains have showers on board. You can use them for a small fee, approx $5. Please ask the conductor if a shower is available. 

Should I book Trans Siberian train tickets in advance or is it possible to buy them at the train station?

We highly recommend that you buy Irkutsk to Moscow tickets well in advance, as soon as they are available for purchase, usually 90 days before the trip. The tickets sell out very quickly and the later you buy tickets, the more expensive they become due to the dynamic pricing policy of the Russian Railroad.

I’d like to stop on the way. Are there hop-on hop-off tickets?

No, there are no hop-on hop-off tickets on Russian trains. According to the railroad office’s policy, if you would like to make stops during your trip you must purchase tickets to each city that you’d like to visit.  The Russian railroad does not offer any flexible tickets with stopovers. 


The Irkutsk to Moscow Train Route: History, Things to See

Airplanes and airports lack a certain intimacy when it comes to the notion of travel. They’re like the instant version of travel that leaves an individual longing for something more. However, train voyages give one the satisfaction of eating their grandmother’s homemade, slow-cooked pot roast instead of a microwaved, TV dinner. A vacationer owns it themself to experience travel in an intimate way, very up close and personal.

Irkutsk to Moscow

Take the 87-hour junket on the world-renowned Trans-Siberian Railroad. Travelers will find themselves both satisfied and relaxed. On the journey there, feel free to take in the gorgeous landscapes and even take a day trip into one of the towns on the route. Remember to buy separate tickets though as there are no hop on hop off options with Russian train tickets

Option 1 or Option 2

Know that there is more than one train route from Irkutsk to Moscow. Option one goes through Kazan, the Turkic, cultural capital of Tatarstan, while the second option finds a path through the historic Slavic towns of Nizhny Novgorod and Perm. Passengers cannot go wrong with either choice. Let’s see which of the following stops appeals most to that feeling of wanderlust.

4 Must-See Stops

Irkutsk: Its architecture of expertly-crafted wooden homes gives off the vibe of a quaint village. Its proximity to Lake Baikal makes the city feel less crowded because its inhabitants love to find refuge there. Tourists can also visit the famous freshwater lake by bus.  

Perm: Just before the train approaches the region of Siberia, there’s a charming town worthy of a second look. Perm is the city featured in Boris Pasternak's book, Dr. Zhivago. Visit the mansions used as inspiration in his literature. Perm’s equivalent to the MOMA is called PERMM. Avant-garde and envelope-pushing are two phrases that describe one of Russia’s most exciting galleries of modern art. Visitors who dare may tour one of Joseph Stalin’s notorious gulags. This one, located on the outskirts of town, is named Perm 36. It holds the distinction of being Russia’s only gulag still open to the public.  

Yekaterinburg: Funny travel photos can be taken at the leaning bell tower outside the city’s main church. Also, one of the Russian Federation’s largest military museums is found in town. During a dark period of Russian history, the Romanov royal family was imprisoned and later executed here.

Omsk: This stop is made for Dostoevsky’s fans. The author of Crime and Punishment was exiled here for four long years. His museum isn’t very large, but the history posted on its walls is impressive.    

Novosibirsk: It’s the New York of Siberia and it has a mysterious history. During the Soviet era, a whole compound of top-secret scientific buildings was located just outside the town. This compound consisted of futuristic edifices and was full of Russian scientists! Today, visitors can tour the “Sun” museum as well as a curious statue honoring laboratory mice. For fans of the classics, the town also holds the largest opera house in the nation and its ballet performances are world-class.

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