Alstom Modernizes Russia Railways


French company Alstom, along with TMH and RZD, to modernize Russian railways.

Alstom Transport, part of the French giant Alstom, recently signed several deals to help modernize Russia's ailing railways. Alstom Transport signed a contract with TMH worth 1 billion euro for 200 freight locomotives, with other plans for future supply.

The two companies have preliminary contracts to develop electric trains and have them produced in Russia. This joint contract to produce and develop electic trains is a stop forward in the Russian-French relationship in technology.

Russia has long wanted to overhaul their old aging railway system in favor of a more modern and high-speed network common among European and other modernized countries. The partnership with France will help accomplish this goal.

The relationship has al ready led to the introduction of the Allegro train running from St. Petersburg to Helsinki. The Allegro high-speed train is able to cover the distance of 380 kilometers from Helsinki to St. Petersburg in just 3.5 hours, traveling at a speed of up to 22o km/hr.

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