From St. Petersburg to the Mountain Park Ruskeala with the New Speed Train

The high-speed trains "Lastochka" will connect the capital of the Karelia region — Sortavala and the gems of South Karelia: Mountain Park Ruskeala, Valaam Island, the waterfall "White Bridges" with St. Petersburg.

The anticipates train connection between St. Petersburg and Sortavala will open earlier than expected. The opening of the new route has been planned for Spring 2019. Nonetheless, as a result of the dialog between the government of Karelia and OJSC "RZD", the first speed train "Lastochka" will start off from St. Petersburg on 22nd of December. The new railway connection will be established between St. Petersburg, Sortavala, and Matkaselkya.

Until 10th of January, the speed trains will operate on the daily basis from Monday to Friday on the route from St. Petersburg to Sortavala, and from Saturday to Sunday till Matkaselkya, which is located just several kilometers away from "Ruskeala" Mountain Park. The timetable after 10th of January is yet to be announced.

The new route will ease the access to the main attractions of the South Karelia. During the weekend, it will be possible to visit the Valaam Island, the "Ruskeala" Mountain Park, the Waterfall "White Bridges" and also other points of interest of the area.

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