Trans Siberian Food Adventures

Buying food from babushkas on the Trans-Siberian Train!

The train from Moscow to Irkutsk takes four days, quite a long journey. It is difficult to pack enough for a four day train journey, and the dinning car can be expensive and unexciting. So to satisfy your hunger you can buy food from the track side venders as you journey across Russia. Everyday the train makes several scheduled stops, usually around 20 minute, giving you plenty of time to get off the train to stretch your legs and buy stock up on local homemade food.

This is a real adventure. Babushka's from all the villages along the way supplement their pensions by cooking delicious homemade Russian meals and snacks and selling them to train passengers. You can buy everything from a whole baked chicken to typical Russian pies stuffed with meat, cabbage, potatoes and other tasty fillings.

To made your trip as authentic as possible, you must avoid the official shops at the train stations and buy food from the local venders instead. It will be incredibly cheap and surprisingly delicious! And don't be afraid, most of the items for sell are home cooked and home grown from the babushka's garden. I never had a bad experience, everything was good and I never got sick. It was definitely worth it, and you get the real experience this way!

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