4 times a week

Travel time
6 days

9259 km

75 stops
on the way

The #061/062 train is a non-branded train, with older rolling stock than the Rossiya train. However it makes fewer stop and travels between Moscow and Vladivostok more quickly.  The train has first, second and third-class carriages.

First class: compartments sleep two passengers on lower berths. The first class ticket includes a meal, wash and travel kit and fresh linen, and access to the on-board entertainment portal which includes Wi-Fi, movies, music, interactive route map and schedule, and an app to order meals from the restaurant car.

Second class: four passengers are accommodated in the second class cabin, which is equipped with plug sockets, a table and small TV on newer carriages. Only bed linen is included in the ticket price.

Third class: you will sleep in an open-plan carriage. No amenities are included in the ticket price.

Each carriage is equipped with two bio-toilets. There are no passenger showers on board, although if you really want to take a shower then you could ask the provodnik to use the shower in the staff cabin (for a small fee!)


Moscow Yaroslavsky
6d 7h 22m
5d 19h 8m
Moscow Yaroslavsky

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