Railway connection resumed between Russia and Estonia

As some of you might remember, in May this year, trains between Russia and Estonia were temporary canceled. Railway connected Tallinn with two Russian cities - Moscow and St. Petersburg. Due to the decrease of the passengers this convenient way of transportation was put on hold. Luckily, with the strong intention from Russian side to sustain stable passenger service between countries, new effective route was suggested for development.

Earlier this year, two trains operated on Russia-Estonia route. Train 812/811 was connecting Tallinn and St. Petersburg had three departures per week. Train 34/33 Moscow - Tallinn had daily departures. In order to optimize operations, Russian side suggested to limit train connection to one train per day, which would run between Moscow and Tallinn with a stop in St. Petersburg.

The train 812/811 will remain canceled, but the train # 34/33 Moscow - St. Petersburg - Tallinn has started operating already on 10th of July 2015. Train departs from Moscow at 21:20, arriving to St. Petersburg at 05:16, and ending its journey in Tallinn at 13:38 (trip duration is 16 h 18 min). On the way back, train 34/33 departs from Tallinn at 15:20, with stop in St. Petersburg at 23:07, and arrives in Moscow at 09:32 (trip duration 18 h 12 min). The train consist of 3rd class, 2nd class and staff carriage.

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