Solar-Powered Bikes in Moscow

Solar-Powered Bicycles Soon to Appear in Moscow!

Moscow is set to get more than 130 solar-powered bicycle rental points throughout the city by the end of June. Bikes will be available for rent 24 hours and can be picked up at one point and left at another. 

The plan will go into affect this weekend with around 50 bike rental stations to be installed, but by the end of the month all of the locations will be functional.

The cost of renting a bike will 50 rubles ($1.60) for the first hour. However, in order to use the system you will need to register online at, and it is not yet clear if info will be available in multiple language for non-Russian speaking visitors of Moscow.

Nonetheless, this is a huge step for Moscow and the cycling community. The project is sponsered by the Mayor's office in cooperation with the Bank of Moscow.

In recent year som bike lanes have appear in Moscow for cyclists. Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin noted that cycling is gaining popularity and the infrastructure for cyclists need to be more developed.

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