The schedule of the train 23/24 Moscow - Paris has been changed

The schedule of the train № 23/452 - 453/24 Moscow - Paris has been temporarily changed, due to the reconstruction work procedures on the rail route between Strasbourg and Karlsruhe. The train will go according to the modified route and timetable through the bordering passage Saarbrücken - Forbach instead of Kehl - Strasbourg till the beginning of October 2017.
For this reason, the purchase of the tickets to the station Karlsruhe and station Strasbourg is not possible between 13th of September and 8th of October 2017. The passengers, who already have purchased the tickets to these stations, will be delivered to the destination by other means of transportation.
During the construction works, the train № 24/453 Paris - Moscow will be departing from Paris - East train station at 18:58 and will be arriving at the station Forbach (instead of Strasbourg) at 23:31, following the alternative route.
The departure of the train 24/453 Paris - Moscow from the station Forbach will be aligned with the bus schedule, which will be organized in order to transfer passengers between the cities. To travel from Forbach to Strasbourg also will be possible using regional trains with the change at the station Metz.
Passengers with the train tickets to/from station Karlsruhe will be able to change to the train № 23/452-453/24 Moscow - Paris and Paris - Moscow at the train station Mannheim Hbf. In order to communicate to the Mannheim Hbf, regional trains will be available for the travelers.
The numbers and timetable of regional trains, which will be available free of charge for the passengers of the train № 24/453 Paris - Moscow, will be announced additionally by the German and French rail road's representatives.
We encourage passengers to be attentive and plan their trips in advance.

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